Wednesday, December 20, 2006

William Wilberforce and "Amazing Grace"

Well, the most recent theatrical production being made from a Christian worldview [hopefully] is entitled "Amazing Grace". Basically the story of William Wilberforce and how he basically was responsible for stopping the African Slave trade in Britain...

Click here if you want to see the trailer [Wait a few moments and the trailer will load in a very small screen in the bottom right hand corner of the web-site]. This movie looks great. I'm curious to see further how the character of John Newton is acted out. I'm also curious to see if the fact that GAMBLING was Wilberforce's next policy to attack and abolish will be expressed in the movie.

I hope the gospel and the effects it had on Wilberforce and Newton will be a part of the movie as well.

It looks like it's going to be pretty awesome if it meets the historical and factual litmus test.

[HT: Justin Taylor]

UPDATE: 12/21/2006

Here's the Amazing Grace movie trailer from YouTube...

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