Friday, August 05, 2011

Genesis Chapter 13 ~ Abram in Canaan & Lot in Sodom

Genesis Chapter 13

Abram moved then to the Negeb. He journeyed on to Bethel where he was before and he called upon the name of the LORD. Lot also had many resources and the land couldn’t support Abram and Lot, so they separated. Lot saw the Jordan Valley and liked what he saw, so he chose it for himself and settled in Sodom. Abram then settled in the land of Canaan.

Then God made a promise to Abram that all the land he saw would be for him and his offspring forever. Also, He promised He would make Abram’s offspring as the dust of the earth so that there would be so many that they could not be counted. Abram then settled by the oaks of Mamre which was at Hebron and there he built an altar to the LORD.

This shows that there is wisdom in separating to keep peace between kinsmen and others; but, this passage is primarily meant to show that God is making promises to Abram as the head of a people. God promises to give the land of Canaan to Abram’s offspring. Now we know the family line, but also the geography of where God is going to play out His purposes to save a people through His only Son, Jesus Christ.

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