Saturday, March 01, 2008

Emerging Brilliance!!! Kurt Rosenwinkel

For my birthday last night over twenty of us went to Chuck E Cheeses'. Whenever people would ask me what I thought of it before we went I said, "I think it will be awkwardly fun." Well, it was a total we accumulated approximately 2,500 tickets!!! Wow.

Well, I'm not so much into the Emerging Church, but I am into the "Emerging Brilliance" of Kurt Rosenwinkel!

Today Linds and I are headed to NYC for a fun day there. Tonight we are going to go to the Village Vanguard to see Kurt Rosenwinkel play! Awesome!!

Here's a quick clip of him playing (in order for the soloing at the beginning to make sense you may want to watch it twice):

Then tomorrow morning we are going to Redeemer Presbyterian to hear the Word preached. Promises to be a great weekend!!

I'm still planning on posting something on's just been a busy couple of weeks.


Ryan said...

Dude, I can't believe I didn't email you yesterday. Happy b-day, what are you, eight? Enjoy the Vanguard. BTW, there's a great guitarist here at U of I who used to play with the Airman of Note. I'll have to send you a recording sometime.

Rob and Julie said...

Noah, hope you had a great weekend, and a great 28th on the 29th!!! You are getting old ;) How was Redeemer Pres?