Saturday, November 03, 2007

Gospel Growth Conference: Wrap Up

Here is a compilation of the posts I did for the conference.

Gospel Growth vs. Church Growth Conference

I. Gospel Growth Conference: Introduction [Mark Dever]

II. The Beginnings of Gospel Growth [Tony Payne]

III. Church Growth Paralysis [Phillip Jensen]

IV. Behind the Scenes

V. Evangelism "What it IS, and what it ISN'T" [Mark Dever]

VI. A Fresh Understanding of Church [Phillip Jensen]

VII. A Fresh Understanding of Gospel Growth [Phillip Jensen]

VIII. Resources for Gospel Growth [Tony Payne]

IX. Living in the Last Days [Phillip Jensen]

X. Panel Discussion [Mark Dever, Tony Payne, & Phillip Jensen]

XI. Gospel Growth Day by Day [Tony Payne]

XII. The Task, The Tactics, And The Telos [Phillip Jensen]

XIII. Final Word [my quick reflection and some pictures]

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