Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Memorials That Make You Think

Last weekend Lindsey and I went to the Holocaust museum and Arlington National Cemetary. We have heard numerous people say that they want to go one or both of these, but they didn't want to do it for a date because it's kind of depressing.

Well, we did them both...in one day. The cool thing is that the Metro (subway) goes all the way out to Arlington...so we didn't have to drive.

When I was about 13 I went to Auschwitz and in Poland and the Holocaust museum was really nothing compared to that, but I hadn't seen some of the video footage of the aftermath of the Holocaust. Given my human capacity to sin I have to ask myself if I would have been capable of doing what the Nazi's did if I was in that time and place. I pray to the Lord that I wouldn't have done it. It's hard to believe that humans would do that to other humans...not just the murder, but the biological experimentation. Even a pacifist has to ask himself or herself if they could stay to their views. Before Bonhoffer died he even turned back on his pacifism. I couldn't take pictures inside the museum. But I'll post some pics from Arlington cemetary later.

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